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Pickem Players Rejoice

Imagine how foolish you’d feel when someone pointed out that the small “football pickem” site you developed last weekend in your basement for your 20 friends doesn’t update the standings live.  Such an obvious feature that everyone would want.

Now imagine you’re a major corporation making millions off fantasy football and have been at it for years… but you still don’t update the standings live.  Yahoo is weird sometimes.

but here’s the patch (tested for 3 seconds in Firefox and Chrome, so it’s practically inconceivable that there’d be bugs) => Install via userscripts


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Dock Badge for Yammer via Fluid

If you’re interested in running Yammer, on OSX, in a Site Specific Browser (SSB), so that you can launch it like a normal application, etc:

1.) get Fluid (free) and install it

2.) launch Fluid and setup with your Yammer feeds url (like:

3.) In Preferences -> Advanced of your new “Yammer app”, select “Allow browsing to any URL” (if login keeps sending you to your “real browser” you don’t have this checked)

4.) Click the scripty looking icon in the top bar and choose “Browse” -> search for “Yammer” and choose “Fluid Badge for Yammer Unread Messages”. Install it and activate it.

5.) You should probably restart your Yammer application now.

That’s it.  Enjoy and let me know if you have issues.

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click clack

Ran into an interesting issue today that I’m surprised I haven’t hit before. A list contains many entries, each displaying some high level data about what lies beneath. A click anywhere on the entry should take you to a more detailed view…


The trick comes with the whole “click anywhere on the entry” bit. In reality, we only want that to be “mostly true” – in this case clicking on the checkbox or PDF icon (in the upper right) should lead to different actions.

Anyway, the bit that was new to me was stopping a click on the checkbox (for example) from also taking you to the detail page (since it is afterall, a click “anywhere on the entry”).

click the checkbox here and receive two alerts:


click here and see only the one you want (‘checkbox’):


… and if it doesn’t work. Make sure you know how to spell “propagation” (not that that happened to anyone I know).

some more here

Update 10/27/08: Another helpful link on event handling.


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The Internet’s First Live Shopping Game Show

Jellyfish (previously mentioned here) took their “smack shopping” promo to the next level last week with the introduction of “The Smackwheel”.

Billed as “The Internet’s First Live Shopping Game Show”, the user picking the closest percentage-off to the actual best deal gets a chance to step up and spin. The js wheel is “broadcast live” to the internet audience as the contestant hopes for prizes like (today) the Nintendo Wii – or if they’re really lucky: a rubber chicken.

You’ve got to catch their game at the right point to see it in action yourself… normally this means tuning in sometime shortly after 1PM Eastern. Today there’s a special promotion running “until ???”, so you may still be able to catch it in action over there

JellyFish SmackWheel In Progress

JellyFish SmackWheel Done

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