New Machine

The old Macbook Pro finally kicked it, so… on to the new one.  Just thought I’d share my “what to install” list of all-stars that survived the jump from the old machine to the new.  Missing anything?

* FluidApp

* Yammer via Fluid

* Adium (AIM/GMail/Nextpoint Gmail/Yahoo)

* OpenOffice

* OnePassword

* Firefox

… firebug

… live http headers

* Chrome

* Alfred

* iTerm

* Seashore

* Dropbox

* Skitch

* svndiff (

* Skype

* Camino

* StuffIt Expander

* Picasa

* SlimBatteryMonitor

* TextMate

…. svn, resolve with macgreerver

* Cyberduck

* CoRD

* NeoOffice

(and just let me know if you want more detail on any than just the name)

Update: forgot… Menu Meters

Update 2: forgot to disable Flash (in general) and install the YouTube5 Safari extension

Update 3: SlidePad


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