Dock Badge for Yammer via Fluid

If you’re interested in running Yammer, on OSX, in a Site Specific Browser (SSB), so that you can launch it like a normal application, etc:

1.) get Fluid (free) and install it

2.) launch Fluid and setup with your Yammer feeds url (like:

3.) In Preferences -> Advanced of your new “Yammer app”, select “Allow browsing to any URL” (if login keeps sending you to your “real browser” you don’t have this checked)

4.) Click the scripty looking icon in the top bar and choose “Browse” -> search for “Yammer” and choose “Fluid Badge for Yammer Unread Messages”. Install it and activate it.

5.) You should probably restart your Yammer application now.

That’s it.  Enjoy and let me know if you have issues.


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