Gmail Game Changer

I’ve been a happy gmail user for 4+ years now.  The story of why I like it is incredibly simple: It allowed me to throw away my email filing cabinet and replace it with “just search”.  It really doesn’t sound like a huge deal but it’s basically given me a personal secretary for my correspondence.  I don’t care what filing cabinet you stored the memo in: just find it!  … and you have 1.25 seconds.

But while that’s the real story, the reason I’m writing is I finally dedicated 15 seconds to actually clicking on the “lab” icon to check out what kind of features they had to offer.  And there it was.  Queue the bright light and the “heavenly sound”….

Send & Archive

Every once in a while you find a feature in a product that makes you say “hey, I bet these guys actually use this product themselves”.


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One response to “Gmail Game Changer

  1. Jim

    As if they felt they needed a new feature even better than send & archive 🙂

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