Expecting More: Writeboard

The beauty of 37signals products, including Writeboard, is keeping things simple.  But if you’re going to do just the simple stuff – you need to do it right.

It’s pretty clear where the “formatting guide” should open:

but no.  Instead my editing area is pushed off the screen and my sidebar real-estate continues to be underused.

Ok, well that’s unfortunate (and admittedly quite minor).  At least now I can figure out what syntax to use to insert a pre-formatted block…  or maybe not.  The formatting guide not only doesn’t include what I want – it doesn’t mention that there are other options even available.

It’s pretty simple to find the true formatting guide for Writeboards though.  All you have to do is traverse the internets for 20 minutes.

1. Try the formatting guide.

2. Start a blog post complaining about it appearing in a nonsensical location.

3. Search Wikipedia for “Writeboard” and find the note about Textile.

4. Go to the Textile Wikipedia page

5. Use their link to the full syntax reference.

See!  It’s nice and simple!  Hooray!


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One response to “Expecting More: Writeboard

  1. Anders

    Thanks for the post, so I only had to “traverse the internet” for about 2 minutes instead of 20.

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