What’s The Use Case?

So, I bought some socks last weekend.


So… re-sealable bag?  Really?

Perfect for all the times that I’ve thought: “Glad I got these new socks, but why must they all start to get stale when I only need to wear one pair today?”

Apparently I’m not the only one who isn’t completely onboard.



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3 responses to “What’s The Use Case?

  1. I love: “The REAL work sock”. Perfect for Business Time!

  2. Jim

    With my work regimen, I was going through several pairs of socks a week. Thank God I finally found the real deal!

    I was considering making “What’s the Use Case” a series in response to your “Frustrating User Experiences” series… then I realized I only had one thing to post.

  3. Aris

    For weekly travellers, a resealable bag helps organize things until you get back home.

    Ofcourse it was probably cheaper to use the same bag designs our potata chips come in.

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