Subversion checksum mismatch

Early on on a project we had an class called ‘document’.  As things went on, not only did that object become more of a ‘file’ but a new class came along that really was more of a ‘document’ but we called it an ‘exhibit’ (since ‘document’ was taken).

Well, the other day I finally bit the bullet and renamed things.  Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of having the old class vacate the ‘document’ name and the new one move in – subversion got thoroughly confused.

There are some scary ways out there to get around “checksum mismatch” in subversion but this one really made it simple and worked just fine.  I figure a solution that fixes a potentially scary problem in 5 minutes (and without the need for a helmet) is worth passing along.

In other news… git will be coming soon to our project.  To be continued…

(and no, we didn’t really name a class ‘File’)


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