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I’ve been following a dozen or so legal-industry blogs (mostly with a “technology slant”) in an effort to learn more about Nextpoint’s clientèle and some of the issues on their minds.  Of course it’s been a struggle to find a list of sites that are regularly providing me with things I find interesting but I don’t mind rotating candidates in and out.

One of the least surprising things I’ve found in my search for good sources is that the Wall Street Journal has a law blog feed that routinely holds worthwhile articles.  One of the most surprising things has been that apparently the feed is primarily monitored by kindergarteners.

Check out some of the comments on these posts (note: I’ve noticed that they normally do remove a lot of offensive comments, so they may not be as bad when you get to them)…

Appeals Court: Al Qaeda Defendant Confronts Accusers (Through Video

Crane Shame: Bribery Charges That’ll Make You Collaps


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