Well, I no longer am pointing jameshalberg.com at this blog.  So, at least temporarily, it will only be reachable directly (https://jameshalberg.wordpress.com).  I’m sure this impacts next to nobody as you probably either don’t read this – or subscribe to the RSS feed which already was pointed at wordpress.com.

Anyway, I knew that I wanted to put up a static page at jameshalberg.com until I have a chance to do something better, but didn’t know exactly what that would mean.  I considered providing much more functionality but most of those got shot down when I realized that they would involve at least *some* maintenance… it might be nice to have a list of CDs or books that I like… but having those lists be 6 months out of date would be fairly pointless – and they inevitably would be that far out of date at some point.

There’s definitely a chance that it will be improved at some point but for now: enjoy the simplicity.


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