Email Signup Usability

One of our biggest goals at Seeking Alpha is to make it convenient to receive our content via email. A big part of that happens right up front – letting you know it’s available – showing you why you want it – and helping you set things up just the way you like. It’s a constantly evolving process and I’m constantly looking for examples of how others are doing this. Sometimes this means actively seeking examples, but recently an interesting example just kind of hopped out at me. I ran into it while researching a blog post for There it was on the front page of


That’s it – that’s not only the whole page – it’s damn close to the whole site. No worries of explaining to people what they’re going to receive or why they should do it. No need for an explanation of how to use it – if you can’t figure that one out… you probably couldn’t find the site in the first place. Just as simple as humanly possible.

After clicking submit you get taken to a page that requires a surprisingly large amount of data. I count 18 fields of data that they’d like to know about you – that wouldn’t be a terrible amount of work if the end result was a service that was highly customized to just how you like it… but it’s completely not. All the fields are for things like address, phone number, name, etc.

I know firsthand that I would be very hesitant to require such a large amount of data – in fact, it deterred me from signing up.


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