Remove A Shared Cookie

What's the worst part of making cookies? Cleaning up.

Initially, I had set up code to set a cookie in the simplest fashion possible:

cookies[:my_cookie] = {:value => 'test', :expires => 1.year.from_now}

Cleanup was a snap:

cookies.delete :my_cookie

That was working great but to add some usability we decided that we wanted the cookie to be shared between multiple sub domains on our site. This was simple as well, as we could just add a single arg to set the domain to something a bit more general:

cookies[:my_cookie] = {:domain => '', :value => 'test', :expires => 1.year.from_now}

Awesome. Immediately, you can sign into and would know you as soon as you came in, instead of making you re-authenticate… but there seems to be an issue with the cleanup now. Looks like the explicit change in domain is causing a problem.

Not a big deal either… instead of using delete, I am just expiring the cookie now. This allows me to specify the domain while still accomplishing the goal of removing the cookie.

cookies[:my_cookie] = {:domain => '', :expires =>}


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