More fun with config

Well, the plan to work on the plane on the way ended up… ok.  I ran into some more config problems – this time with MySQL, that I thought would be much easier resolved with internet access though so I didn’t get too far.

Now that I’m back home though: still haven’t found a great resolution.

 ODBC access denied.JPG

I’ve found a couple of places that indicate that I could just grant for that user to resolve the issue, but when I try that – I’m getting:


Anyway, after struggling and searching quite a bit I just decided to circumvent the error and just run the statement manually in MySql.


That seems to have worked ok… of course, I’m sure that at some point in the future I’m going to be running into this same issue.  Even just having to retype that statement would be annoying, so hopefully I didn’t make any spelling mistakes.

Rob has also pointed out a little bit easier way for me to find some middle ground… this at least doesn’t make me potentially need to retype that statement:


It certainly has been a longer trip getting to this point than I thought, but I do seem to be on track now.  I do have a working application connected to the database properly.  And really… even with the configuration headaches, I don't know how much longer it took than had I done the same things in Java… had I not run into any config problems: it would have been ridiculously faster.



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2 responses to “More fun with config

  1. One other thing you want to double check is that you are consulting the right docs for your version of mysql. I know things like user rights and granting authority changed between 4 and 5, and its easy to get mixed up on their website if you aren’t careful.

    Also, try mysql -u root depot_development …..etc

  2. This is only slightly longer than what the book suggested and works in one line, instead of making me sign in and execute the statement in seperate steps (and most importantly, it works!):

    depot> mysql -u root -p depot_development

     Thanks for the tip.

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