Getting Started

Well, I didn’t get off to a very good start as my copy of Agile Web Development with Rails immediately crashed on me. What’s that you say? That’s the risk you take ordering a pdf book instead of the “real thing”? Well, it wasn’t a pdf – the physical copy of the book crashed!


I’m back on track now though. Having returned that copy to Borders and buying it from the source (like I should have in the first place), I’m immediately up and running with the pdf and the physical copy (hopefully with a binder that actually holds pages together) is on it’s way.

Working through the beginning of the book I did actually have some trouble getting Rails installed. I had an issue with the One Click Install for 1.8.4-15 (stable) so instead of spend much time on it I just uninstalled and replaced it with 1.8.4-14 (final) and it went in clean. WinSQL was no problem to install. Then I came to the point of following the 1 line of instructions that it takes to get Rails up and running with RubyGems… trouble.


A solid half-hour of troubleshooting later I decided to just call Rob. He had me do “gems –version”, this was something that I had already done, but I was really just doing it to make sure that it said _something_ . To him 0.8.3 actually meant something: old. So, how did I download a brand new copy of the old version? Well, I’m just _that_ good! Anyway, digging into the directory structure a bit (ruby/lib/ruby/gem­s/1.8/gem/) I noticed that I had a directory called “rubygems-update-0.8.11”. It contained something that (promisingly) was titled “setup” which I ran and … drumroll please … brought me up to 0.8.11. Suddenly the “gem install rails –include-dependencies” ran and all is right with the world.

Now that I’m up and running I’ve gone up through Chapter 4. Basically this means that I have now actually done the simple hello world application that I’ve seen done several times in various presentations. In all seriousness though, it is very good that I’ve actually gone through it myself instead of just seeing it done for the nth time… it certainly did make it easy to pick up though _grin_.

Well, I actually did make it as far as I had hoped and I feel like I’m right on schedule. It was also important that I get the whole environment setup so that I can get some work done on the plane to Vegas. I can guarantee that nothing will get done while I’m out there – and let’s be honest: saying something will get done on the flight home is probably not the most realistic statement either, but… at least I’m up and rolling!


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